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Starting from the 352 all the way across the U.S.A to the 702 (Las Vegas), Wiley G is filling the air with another Burning 50 production“DAT GAS VOL 4 “. This mix tape dropped and exploded on the streets on 10/7, and the smell has been strong ever since. If you are a Burning 50 fan, then you know that Wiley G’s Burning 50 mix tape series always brings out some of the best North Central Florida’s Hip Hop and R&B artists. Loudd Magazine had a sneak preview of “DAT GAS” when Wiley came out to a M.A.D.E. MONDAY night at Levels NightClub, and had DJTronix spin it for us, and from what Loudd heard, we knew that this was one mix tape we needed to review. DAT GAS  VOL 4, Hosted by Wiley G, features 13 artists from Gainesville (J-Long, Jay Spiffy, Maintain, Big J, and  Fie Scoobie), Jacksonville (D-Lo, Young Cash, T-Rone, LiL Duty, LiL Duvy, Celina Lina, and Saw Money), and Tallahassee Florida (Total Kaos). Mix and Mastering is done by no other than the mix masters themselves “Beat Trap” (Sean Hunter and Skelly G). Four well-known sponsors put their stamp of excellence on it (Behind the 8Ball, Loudd Magazine, Beat Trap, and Loyalty Entertainment).


Intro is strong, makes you feel like “OK” I’m ready for this ride, and Outro makes you want to ride again.  This mix tape, gives you every vibe from reality to heart-break. Lineup choice is great, although the order that the tracks were laid on the mix tape could’ve been lineup better. Production is A-1; BeatTrap is one of the best at mixing down.  All of the emcees and vocalist skill sets are superb. This mix tape is one that should stay in your ride, and nobody better not steal it either…lol. Wiley G has really proven his place is well validated in the mix tape realm.  Great work Wiley G!!!!

Loudd Picks:  Young Cash (Knob Broke) , J-Long Ft Bobby Valentino (One for Me), T-Rone (Kry) , Jay Spiffy (Main Bihh), Maintain (Keep it A’Hunna ) Celina Lina (Zone), Total Kaos (I’m Ready)

Overall Feeling / Yeah!!! Go Get Dat Gas!!!!!!

Rating on the Loudd Scale (1-10) #9