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LOUDD MAGAZINE Get’s it Straight from “Lilpo and HollyWood Da Chef “

Straight out of the “352” Gainesville, Fl, Loudd sits down with not one, but two of North Central Florida’s homegrown Independent Hip Hop Artists,”Glenn L Washington Jr aka Lilpo Hood Hero” and “Remondo Lily aka “Holly Wood DaChef“. From Southern Royalty to International Business, they give us insight on who they really are. These two inspired Hip Hop artists have faith and high hopes for the 352 area code.

LOUDD: When did you start making music, and what influenced you?

LiL’PO:  I am going to take it back to #Kris Kross. I was in the seventh grade when I saw those two doing their thing, and I felt like I could do that too. I started listening to other rappers and how they put words and music together, and from there I started building my style of rapping, and making it my own. The influence was the craft itself.


HollyWood: As a young kid I would always kick free styles in the hood, and everybody would tell me that I was really good and that I should try to take it to the next level. In 2011 I started recording music in the studios getting real serious about being an artist.


LOUDD: Being that you both are form the 352, was there anyone that was in the music game around the time that you were coming up that had an impact on you?

HollyWood: In my area where I was growing up there was a very small movement, so there really wasn’t too much inspiration around. If it came, it most definitely came from “Big Bud” and “Shorty Roc”.Tupac Shakur “was a big one for me also coming up. I loved the way he delivered life through his lyrics.

LiL’PO:  Well with me it was a little crazy cause I came up under “Dave Cooper”, “Big-Amp Parker “Crooked Life”, “Maintain McQueen”, and “Ben Frank”, and then being the cousin of “Shorty Roc”, and bring around “Big Bud”, I felt kind of over shadowed. I represented to the fullest; they all were a huge inspiration.


LOUDD: How do you feel about the ongoing independent music movement in your hometown of Gainesville, fl?

HollyWood: If we are going to talk about the movement in the present, I feel that there is a lot of favoritism going on in this city, and that takes us in the wrong direction. There is some great artist out here that put in work, plus overtime, and they are not getting any appreciation, nor do they get the attention from the ones that can make a better outlet for them. I wish that we can all form a bond that will take all of us to the next level. I am not going to give up, and I am going to keep playing my roll.


LiL’PO:  I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I’ve watched artist come and go. I was in a group called “Southern Royalty”, so I helped built what it is now. It really hurts to see how things are going on out here in the 352. It wasn’t play to pay, when I was coming up, which I respect the game, you know people got do what they got to do, but like “Br3adgang Blazel” said in his interview, it is a popularity thing. I would like to see good artist get a fair chance. I believe that if we keep pushing, going to the studios, getting interviews, and staying connected with people that can help get our music out like “Burning 50”, something will pop.


LOUDD: Who do you do this for, besides yourself?

HollyWood: Me personally, I do it for the streets and the fans. The fans I have believe in my vision, and they keep me motivated, so I have to keep them happy.

LiL’PO:  I do it because I am a music junkie. I am addicted to letting people know what I have to say. I do it for the people also. The promoters and club owners they already know who I am. I need to grab the attention of the people.

LOUDD: I always see you two chilling together, let us up on the connection?

HollyWood: Lilpo and I are cousins by marriage. We are Friends by choice. My brand is “TeamChef Entertainment”, and Lilpo brand is “Majornoyze Muzic ENT”, together it’s a combine movement. Good Business.


LOUDD: A Hip Hop Artist stage name is everything; it tells who they are as a person and as an artist. Tell us about your stage names?

HollyWood: First my name used to be just HollyWood, I had that name since I was in the 6th grade, and I got it from a pimp in the neighborhood. That name had a little controversy going on because there was another HollyWood in Gainesville. So I had to distinguish myself and add Chef, which was the title of my mix tape. HollyWood means lights, camera, action, and show time, and Chef means I’m mixing up my perfect recipe for the streets, which is my music. That’s how I became “Holly Wood DaChef


LiL’PO: The name is Lil from the word little, Po from the word poor; “Lil Po”. Originally when I was in the clique Southern Royalty, my name was “Picasso” because I painted pictures, and everything I did was with a vivid vision. I left the group, and I needed a new name. I was looking for a name that basically represented my life. My parents wasn’t rich, and Big Bud used to play around with me and say “What’s up peasant child”, and I didn’t like it first, but I thought about it and turned it into something that was real. I was going to call myself “Lil Po Da Peasant Child”, but that was too long, so I kept short and to the point “Lilpo Hood Hero”. This name means a lot to me, because if I ever make, it tells a story of how I started out, and where I came from.Hood Hero, I am from the hood, and I rep for the hood all day every day.


LOUDD:  Lil Po can you fill us in the “Brick Gang ” movement?

LiL’PO: The whole time “Jordan June Johnson” was doing his vacation time, I stayed in contact with him. From our conversations we were talking about how we can make street music pop in the 352. So, when he came home he came and saw a couple of shows that I had did. There was one in particular that I did and he didn’t like the way I was being treated, and that night June came to me about him helping me with what shows to do , and getting my music heard, like a road manger. So, we chopped it up the next morning, and I said yes let’s do it. Brick Gang is a movement, but also like a secret society, you just don’t get in. you have to have some type of bond.Jordan June Johnson Lilpo Hood Hero, Hittmann Souljah,Willie Chill Will Simmons ,Johkerboi Brickgang Kell , and Tarence Watts aka BossAmiBrick Gang ” Family.


LOUDD: Now Chef you got some other things going on to enhance your music career, tell us about that?

HollyWood: I do attend school at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, my major is International Business. I want to take my craft beyond where I am. The market for Hip Hop overseas is very lucrative. I have had the opportunity to link up with some out of the country indie Hip Hop artist through social media. They are very eager to work with artists from the states. I have to know what I am doing, so I am getting educated on the logistics of hoe to conduct business internationally. I also have a movement myself that is going to help better the community for the good. It will help bring change not only to our lives, but to the future also. It’s not always about what we can get; sometimes it’s about what we can give. So stay tuned Holly Wood DaChef is cooking up something nice. I do a lot of shows out of town, like Orlando, Jacksonville, and Ocala. I try to spread myself around so I can get people from other towns to feel my music. One thing I want to say is S/O to “Bigg Gates” who is Devonta Gates aka SG, he has a lot to do with the shows I do. He is my partner and I call him my road manager. SG does so many things inside this indie music movement. He is a BEAST!!!

  LiL’PO: A lot of people should be giving thanks to Devonta Gates  SG he is the man. He has looked out for so many indie artists.

LOUDD: You have to give Devonta Gates and Steve Jean-Jacques much respect. They are the ones that put LOUDD MAGAZINE out there. I always bring up M.A.D.E. Monday’s because that was an indie platform; I don’t care what other people have to say about, but they provided the only platform here in Gainesville that said hey “352 you got something to say, let’s hit it”. We are all family at the end of the day. Much Love to those two.


LOUDD: Lilpo Hood Hero when I first met you , you were with K.O.S (Keepers of Sound) founded and operated by Gwendolyn Richardson aka “Sheve”, who happens to be a very good friend of mine. What happen to that union?

LiL’PO: Nothing, I am still with K.O.S , Gwendolyn Richardson is still my rock. She just let’s me venture out on my own, so I can explore my independence. We are united and we are as strong as always. I love her, she has done so much for me and my career. S/O to Gwendolyn Richardson C.E.O of K.O.S (Keepers of Sound). When “King of the Trill” come out, and it is coming out, no matter what anyone has to say. That album will be my tribute to her.


LOUDD: One word for the both of you ” Image”.

HollyWood: My image is more smooth player type. I am clean cut. My music is more about the way I finesse the streets.

LiL’PO: My style is old school Florida dope boy music. A lot of curse words, a lot of pain, and a lot of shade, one thing about me I don’t hold nothing back. I will say names, and I will do videos. I stand up for everything that I say. My music is a very well representation of who I am.

LOUDD: What would Hip Hop be without the South?

LiL’ Po:  Boring

LOUDD: Any S/O’s?

HollyWood and LIL’ PO: First and foremost our Father in the Heavens, Thank you without you there is no us. S/O to Skelly G Supa-Producer, Smiley, CP , Mike Whammy, Our beloved Family,Gwendolyn Richardson aka Sheve, The whole damm Gainesville good and bad, Wiley G Martin and Marcus Cromartie  without them I wouldn’t be here they save my life. S/O to Brick Gang,  Dyme Pyece DA Print , Br3adgang BlazelZaplyfe,  and LOUDD MAGAZINE without #LOUDD yall wouldn’t know who we really are. We love the “352” and we believe, trust. 










Interview: Tyra Edwards, LOUDD MAGAZINE



Starting from the 352 all the way across the U.S.A to the 702 (Las Vegas), Wiley G is filling the air with another Burning 50 production“DAT GAS VOL 4 “. This mix tape dropped and exploded on the streets on 10/7, and the smell has been strong ever since. If you are a Burning 50 fan, then you know that Wiley G’s Burning 50 mix tape series always brings out some of the best North Central Florida’s Hip Hop and R&B artists. Loudd Magazine had a sneak preview of “DAT GAS” when Wiley came out to a M.A.D.E. MONDAY night at Levels NightClub, and had DJTronix spin it for us, and from what Loudd heard, we knew that this was one mix tape we needed to review. DAT GAS  VOL 4, Hosted by Wiley G, features 13 artists from Gainesville (J-Long, Jay Spiffy, Maintain, Big J, and  Fie Scoobie), Jacksonville (D-Lo, Young Cash, T-Rone, LiL Duty, LiL Duvy, Celina Lina, and Saw Money), and Tallahassee Florida (Total Kaos). Mix and Mastering is done by no other than the mix masters themselves “Beat Trap” (Sean Hunter and Skelly G). Four well-known sponsors put their stamp of excellence on it (Behind the 8Ball, Loudd Magazine, Beat Trap, and Loyalty Entertainment).


Intro is strong, makes you feel like “OK” I’m ready for this ride, and Outro makes you want to ride again.  This mix tape, gives you every vibe from reality to heart-break. Lineup choice is great, although the order that the tracks were laid on the mix tape could’ve been lineup better. Production is A-1; BeatTrap is one of the best at mixing down.  All of the emcees and vocalist skill sets are superb. This mix tape is one that should stay in your ride, and nobody better not steal it either…lol. Wiley G has really proven his place is well validated in the mix tape realm.  Great work Wiley G!!!!

Loudd Picks:  Young Cash (Knob Broke) , J-Long Ft Bobby Valentino (One for Me), T-Rone (Kry) , Jay Spiffy (Main Bihh), Maintain (Keep it A’Hunna ) Celina Lina (Zone), Total Kaos (I’m Ready)

Overall Feeling / Yeah!!! Go Get Dat Gas!!!!!!

Rating on the Loudd Scale (1-10) #9

LouddScenes: T.I. Album Listening Party @Simons Nightclub

TI Album Listening Party v2

On Tuesday August, 12th at an Invite-Only event held at Simons Nightclub in Downtown Gainesville LouddMagazine in conjunction with Aviators Design Studio, and many more entities, had the pleasure and opportunity to get a sneak listen to T.I.’s new album Paperwork: The Motion Picture.

Dubbed “The King of the South”, T.I. both entertained and enticed us with 8 exclusive tracks from his new album, and let us be the first to tell you this album will be worth the short wait as it is set to be released in mid-September. This marks the beginning of a new era for the Atlanta born rapper, who recently cut ties with Atlantic Records. This new album will be produced under Colombia Records with Pharrell signed on to be Executive Producer.

We had the chance to have a brief Q&A session with the rapper, and from the experience it’s clear to see that this man is nothing short of genuine a humble man with a heart for his family and the people who helped him to stardom, his fans. He spoke with us about what went into making this project, and how he created a timeless album that had a great amount of soul.

The headbanger track, ‘G-Sh**’, the title track ‘Paperwork’, and the smooth and gritty sounds of ‘About my Issues’ exemplify that this project is sure to be just what he set out for it to become, simply a classic. He also kept in line with what we have grown to love from him, which is hardcore, unrelenting, lyricism the track ‘King’ conveys that “The King” still wears that crown and it hasn’t faltered one bit.

Unquestionably the track ‘New National Anthem’ hits to the heart, it expresses the angst that we are facing right now with the social unrest going on around the nation. When questioned about what inspired this track he stated, “Certain things need to be said, and I’m the only one who will talk about it, so I did”. Unapologetically raw and politically charged, this song will get you into action.

The album also has a few featured artists from Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hustle, Chris Brown, and a local group from Atlanta called ‘Watch the Duck’ (check out their video below) T.I. did not leave us with any doubt that his ninth album will be true to “The King of the South”

He also got candid with the listeners and spoke about the artist’s he’d love to work with in the future like, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Sade and Prince to name a few. He also talked about his motivations for signing Iggy Azalea to his Grand Hustle label, and he says that no one else was going against the grain, that’s what he wanted to achieve by signing the Australian-born rapper.

When asked what he would tell independent artist’s trying to build their brand and fan base, T.I. had some great advice,

“Count on hard work, that if you want the most, you must do the most. Networking is key! […]Keep your head down and keep working, don’t focus on what everyone else around you is doing because if every 5 minutes you’re looking around to see what the other man is doing you’ll never make it anywhere. Give 100% of yourself to your passion and NOTHING less!”

Now that’s CertifiedLoudd!!

Look out for T.I.’s Paperwork: The Motion Picture coming to stores and will be available on I-tunes in mid-September!



This has been a busy week for LOUDDMagazine and we wanted to take a quick second to let you know what’s going on in and around the 352 this weekend, here are our LOUDDScenes

Glory Days & The High Dive presents:

The YingYang Twins!!!!


Tonight a couple of our favorite #LOUDDCertified Artist’s will be opening for The Ying Yang Twins at the High Dive!

The show starts @8pm, tickets are still on sale and will be sold at the door.

LOUDD will be in the building, this is an event you won’t want to miss!! Click here  https://www.facebook.com/events/544786415641629/  for more details!

Level Nightclub Presents:

R&B Divas Takeover!


Tonight @ Level Lil’Mo, Syleena Johnson, and Keke Wyatt, will be performing live!!!

For all lovers of these truly talented artists, this is an event you surely don’t want to miss!!

Show starts @9pm sharp!!

For more info visit


or check out the link below!


Strictly Internationale @The Midnight



Get International @The Midnight!!

This weekly event hosted @The Midnight in Downtown Gainesville, is Free to all why not come out and support some international music!

For more info click one of the links below!



July ArtWalk Gainesville


Artwalk Gainesville takes place on the last Friday of the month in Downtown Gainesville, Florida. It’s a FREE self-guided tour of art galleries and businesses that support the arts in and around our community.

Tomorrow (7/25) from 7-10pm head Downtown and walk through the local artist scene, you never know what new and interesting piece you could fall in love with!

Check out the link for more info!


GrowRadio.org & The Bag Of Tricks Present:


The Live Interview!!


For all of our Hip-hop fans, tune-in to GrowRadio.org Friday @9pm

The #LOUDDCertified DJLX will be interviewing this Chicago based artist live in the studio!!

This week’s edition of The Bag of Tricks will definitely be worth tuning into, check out the link for more info


Also get to know Sey, the self-proclaimed, “rapper who never lies”

Click the link!!



The OverEasy Fest Sunday @6pm


The best place for Electronic Music in Town will be

@TheJAM:Gainesville, this Sunday night!

There will be performances on each stage, with many actvities and food in-between.

If you are a lover of electronica and the like, head to TheJAM:Gainesville on Sunday and vibe out!!

Check out the link for more info!!


If you want us to know about any of your events going on in or around the Gainesville area, shoot us an email with all information!