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  LOUDD Magazine invites you all to get in on the ride with “J-Long the Promoter”, “J-Long the “Cool Running DJ”,”J-Long the Hip Hop Artist, “J-Long the Event Entrepreneur, or how about just “J.LONG the Entertainer. He makes himself hard to ignore, by demanding attention at all cost. His extreme image is very entertaining, and he uses a character-type persona to set himself apart, that gained him some visibility by appearing on the “The Bill Cunningham Show on The CW. The 11/17 release of his new mix-tape drop “Its Time To Ride, Vol 1” is powered by the well known mix-tape guru of the south “250 Plus Productions. It’s time to ride, so sit back because J-Long is in full throttle



LOUDD: You do many different things in this realm of entertainment. Clue us in on what inspired you to decide that this is what you are made to do?

J-LONG: I started getting involved in the music world about 13 years ago, and I just fell in love with it. First it was promotions in high school. I used to throw all of the parties, and then through college I continued to do the same thing. Did some artist management, which transition me into hosting, and from there I became an artist.

LOUDD: Let’s talk about the hosting persona of J.LONG the Entertainer. Everyone knows that you are the host with the most hype. Did hosting parties plant the seed for becoming a Hip Hop Artist?

10687154_711871418924749_2862291334066216381_n (1)

J-LONG: Well, I have always been an entertainer, that’s what I do entertain. I don’t care if it’s one or one million people in the crowd; you are going to get a show at all cost. When I was younger around 14 my home boys and I used to freestyle all the time. Not thinking that we were rappers, but we would ride around for hours just having fun free styling. From there it kept growing and it helped me with my DJing and how to control the mic. Eventually I decided to do music and make records. I had a partner that used to tell me all the time “Stop talking about it and be about it”. I made my first record with Southern Hip Hop Artist “Strizzo” from Tampa, the song was called “Bunny Bounce” he was ready to push it, but I was just caught up in the streets at the time, and didn’t take as serious as I should have.  Now, I’m all about it, all the way for sure.


LOUDD: You are, and you show that you are very ambitious. Most likely it’s in your bloodline, your father Rodney J Long also has great zeal. But, you are such a busy person. You have so much going on. How do you balance all of the grind, and just everyday life, so you won’t trip over yourself?               

 J-LONG: I make my life and my grind one. My life is a grind, and my grind is my life. It’s the question of how bad do you want it? What is your life? Your life is what you make it. I always set my standards high, so I can always have something to do that is great. I believe that the harder the grind the better the return. Some people return goals are different. For example; you can vacation at the Motel 6 or you can vacation at the Four Seasons, both designations are vacations, and you have to grind to get to ether one. My return goal is the Four Seasons, and I make sure that my life reflects that grind. I feel the world is mine, and I need to go and get it. No trips over here #LOUDD.


LOUDD: Ok…and in that order. You always express how much you love you city, S/O to the 352. You talk about putting on for your city, putting your city on the map, and opening doors up for your city. How much of that love that you have for your city is reciprocated back?

J-LONG: Any blessing comes with burdens. I feel the good vibes on some projects, and on others I don’t feel the love. Gainesville suffers from a lack of success in the music industry, so support is almost null and void, or it’s at a minimum, and because Gainesville hasn’t had much success, it’s hard for others to support others and their dreams, when they can’t see theirs is happening.

LOUDD: You’re not the only one who feels that way or who has experienced that feeling. There have been others that have felt great about starting to live out their visions of their dreams and then just shut down after feeling that negativity. Why is it so hard to achieve success in the music industry for Gainesville?

J-LONG: Because nobody really knows if they’re going to make it or how to make it. There’s no example. Nobody knows how to make it in the music industry here, because no one has made it. “#Big Bud” was the closet to success here as a recording artist, and as managers it was “Big-Amp Parker” and C Wakeley DA RecordBreaker, and we have to question if we will ever have that type of unity and support come back alive here again. There is a lack of motivation, drive, and knowledge here also. That’s why there is no unity here; no one knows how to unify the effective way.


There is an experiment that was done with monkeys and a banana tree (no pun intended), this is serious. They put monkeys under the tree, and when one monkey climbed the tree to get the banana, they would drop cold water on the remaining monkeys on the ground, right before the one monkey would get the banana. So every time when one monkey would try to climb a get the banana, the others would pull him down and beat him up, in fear of the water. The scientists stop spraying water, and the monkeys still wouldn’t go up there, not even try.  Eventually none of the monkeys would ever climb the tree, no matter what was up there, because of fear.  This is how it is here unfortunately.  Someone has to get up that tree, and it takes all of us for someone to get up there. So in order for something to happen for us around here, we need unity across the board. There is no reason for us not to have 4 or 5 artists around here making $3000 to $4000 a show.

I just want something good to happen here for us that will give all of us an opportunity to come through the door. We have so many great individuals here still climbing the tree no matter what. I believe that we can open doors for many, even the ones who stop climbing.


LOUDD: Speaking of climbing trees, you worked your way up to a T.V appearance on the ““The Bill Cunningham Show this month on The CW Channel 10. Now how did that happen?

J-LONG: (He laughs) I got a call about being on the network. They ask what I did, they were interested, and they wanted me to express how I was manager and not a pimp, because the show was about me being accused of being a pimp. I am not a pimp. I have never been a pimp. I have never paid for any. I am an entertainment manager. The take was about one of my top dancers’ cousin complaining about how she wanted to dance too, but she couldn’t because she was always watching my top dancers’ child. The cousin accused me of being her pimp. Pimping ain’t easy, that’s why I don’t do it…lol

It was very entertaining and funny. Bill Cunningham really enjoyed me, and he told I was one of the best guests he has ever had on the show. The executive producer told me I was the next Jamie Foxx. It opened up some doors for a different area of my entertainment career. 

LOUDD: I watched the show and I must say that it was funny as hell. My co-workers heard me laughing in my office. That “Pop it for the Profit” slogan had me going, and the split gesture was hilarious. You were very entertaining. Was that a power move?

J-LONG: Checkmate. I went into that with every intention to boost my stats.

LOUDD: Let’s talk about this new mix-tape that is dropping on 11/17/2015, give Loudd some details.


J-LONG: The name of the mix-tape is “I Mean Business, Its Time to Ride Vol 1”; the hosting muscle power of this masterpiece is 250PlusPro productions. I have five producers on this joint Skelly G Supa-Producer, #J Beats,Supaman Ivery, #Ill Music, and TroyOnDaTrack. I have some great feature work with Mike SwiftSteelo IB,James Leon Lee #ThaMr, #Dru, #Keymo,B.i.g J The Frothy Main, and #Big Bud. The power behind the music,Big-Amp Parker , #Twelve30 ManagementBurning 50,TEAM BIGGA RANKIN,Cool RunningdJ’s, #Heavey Boi ENT,Mz On Point Promo. The graphics for the mix-tape is done by the one and only Steve Jean-Jacques aka #Furie, he is the best. The releasing of the mix-tape will be at the return of Made Mondaays 11/17 @ 12am @ The Venue of GainesvilleThe whole experience is epic.

PhotoGrid_144737866225911745335_10155811012810300_1711893269061872498_n (1)

LOUDD: Ok..Ok… sounds like you poppin it for the profit…lol. The Return of M.A.D.E. Mondays Wow! All that greatness in one spot, a networking paradise, we need that.

J-LONG: M.A.D.E. Mondays is a platform for building networks. That’s why I sat down with Steve Jean-Jacques aka Furie, and we discussed how beneficial it would be for the collective to have the releasing of my mix-tape at the re-opening of M.A.D.E Mondays. This is the beginning of the new feel that is in the air here in the 352. We have all grown from our experiences and failures. We all should be able to put it all together and get down to business this go round. 

LOUDD: I am really excited for you. I think the Bill Cunningham Show show took your grind to a different level. What’s in the pipeline for J.LONG the Entertainer ?

J-LONG:  A tour in 5 states, FL, MS, GA. AL, and LA. A T.V show is in the works. I am opening doors for my city.

LOUDD: Any words for your city?

J-LONG: Keep God first, and everything else will fall in place. Keep chasing your dreams. Never settle for less than what you want. God Bless.

J-Long the Entertainer






For Booking: Big Amp (813)728-7881 or BookJLong@gmail.com


CeLina Lina “ZONE TOUR”


M.A.D.E. Mondays Brings Celina Lina “ZONE TOUR “to LEVELS NIGHTCLUB

She has the total package. You’ve seen her stunt on all of the top social media sites, on some of the hottest blogs sites, and she has stepped her way on the most popular underground & mainstream radio stations. Celina Lina, comes to Gainesville, FL to show the 352 what she is made of. The 18-year-old (R&B, Hip Hop, Pop) singer, dancer will impose the stage Monday night on Oct 20th with her very own “ZONE TOUR” and there is no doubt that she will bring nothing less than a incited roaring standing ovation performance.

1609830_436718359799114_5181021543930162167_n  1800341_10204902134062697_2749212684972163819_n

This M.A.D.E. Monday you don’t want to miss. The astonishing lineup for this show is R&B Hip Hop, and Pop all in one show. Here’s the rundown. New upcoming Pop Sensation Brielle and she will be performing her new debut single “Avalanche”, It’s Da Print BabyDyme Pyece“, Pinnacle Music’s Diamond Award winner “Maintain” will bless the stage ,”Tashan Live” ,JaneDoe Bustomante ,RICHIE, along with others amazing artists.PhotoGrid_1413067275567

       In addition to this  amazing evening, “Loudd Magazine” will be hosting a Meet and Greet for    “Celina Lina”, and you will also get to meet Dyme Pyece, Maintain, and TaShan Live earlier that evening at 7pm @ 308 A West University Ave Gainesville, Fl. right across the street from Levels Nightclub and this event is FREE!!!!. Come and enjoy a Live DJ, conversation, food, and most of all get to know these amazing artists.


M.A.D.E. MONDAYS put the 352 area on BLAST!!



Tomorrow is the North Central Florida Gainesville Music Summit, founded by entrepreneurs “Big Amp Parker “and “C.Wakeley”. This is an event that is looked forward to by many in the independent music industry. Loudd Magazine sat down with Mr. Big Amp Parker to find out exactly does this event bring the North Central Florida region.

LOUDD: Tomorrow on Sept 17th, is the “Gainesville Music Summit “, can you tell us the history of this event?

Big Amp: This is our 14th music summit, and we do them all in Gainesville. Except for one year we did in Tampa, when Florida hosted the Super Bowl. This event was started by me and my partner “C. Wakeley”.


LOUDD: What was the inspiration that motivated you to have this event in the North Central Florida area?

Big Amp: Well, I am from here for one, and the popular belief is that, there is a need is here in N. Central Florida for an event that that informs the public about proper etiquette  the music industry. Since I was 20yrs old, the vision for me has always been to level off the playing field, so that N. Central Florida would have the opportunity to shine, and be well respected along with other cities in America.

LOUDD: The music industry is probably one of the most interesting, but yet the most difficult. How does someone planning a future in the music business prepare oneself for this?

Big Amp: You have to stay prayed up, and be mentally strong, committed, and persistent. Prepare first by being honest, and doing inventory in the mirror with your skill set.

LOUDD: There are 3 elements that make just about anything successful, and that’s a goal, a plan, and a team. Tell us how the Gainesville Music Summit can prepare a future artist for success?

Big Amp: Gainesville Florida Music Summit can help you prepare by introducing you to some of the other entrepreneurs outside of your market. Also, it will give you tips and access to people who make a living doing what you aim to do. It will motivate and encourage you get to achieve your goals, and you will see that your dreams are within reach with knowledge.

10339721_719701718068543_1035439280957368238_n (1)

LOUDD: How important is it for artists, promoters, managers, venue owners, and the media to have a connection that intertwines with the community?

Big Amp:  We should have connection network, and be involved in our community. There are different ways not just monetary. We have to invest time effort because we can’t just do business and take and never give back. That’s like planting, but never watering a flower, what good can come from that? The community will support you, but it has to be a two way street.

LOUDD: Tell us some of the weakness that a person in the industry may have, and how can they correct them?

Big Amp: Not being able to take creative criticism for one, being under prepared, and lazy. Having no understanding of business problems, and solutions can be very destructive to your dream. Consider the source. Plan, prepare, and expect greatness. Nothing can fix lazy but an altering life experience. Please people, if you don’t understand business put some on your team who does968832_560100087362041_97015226_n

LOUDD: What are some of the names that will be giving us some knowledge about the music industry?

Big Amp: There will be very fundamental panels, as well as a few special guests, Blizm w/K-100 Radio, Tony Go Hard, DJ Rell, and many more. The public will be catered to with plenty of knowledge.

LOUDD: What do you want everyone that attends the Gainesville Music Summit to go home with?

Big Amp: I hope everyone walks away with a sense of urgency to succeed, and more contacts. Motivation with a plan to do better, and an execution game to follow through.



LOUDDScenes: Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase


This Saturday August 16, Loudd Magazine will host its First Annual Independent Artist Showcase, aptly titled:

 Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase

This show will be held at TheJAM:Gainesville and will start at 12 noon ending at 7pm.

It will showcase 25 independent artists from in and around the Gainesville area, and will be hosted by Founder/CEO of Loudd Magazine Tyra Edwards, and Artist/CEO of M.O.S. Records w/ The 25/8 Street Team ZapMan!!!

Some of the Artists being Featured this weekend will be: K-Roc, Fleetwood Boss, Jus Marx, Dyme Pyece Da Print, Zinae Brown aka Jan B, The Loudd Pak, Keoina Shantel, Blazell, Maserati and Fie Scoobie, just to name a few.

DJ Tronixx of Levels Nite Club will be showcasing the local talent in the main room, and DJ LX of GrowRadio.org will be spinning his tracks on the outside stage, for your listening pleasure!

$7 covers your entry into the show, and $10 covers your entry and food from the BBQ!

There will be an Open Bar all night, so please remember to drink responsibly!

Being that this is our first showcase, we here at Loudd want to let you know what it means to be part of this Indie Movement.

We want to give our local Artists the opportunity to give their fans a taste of the music they are making. So every few months Loudd Magazine will present ‘Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase’. We will bring you to the show, record your performance, and give you your promotional material (for a small $10 registration), the only thing we ask is that you bring your fans!

Show them your passion, your talent, and why you love the art you make!

Let’s give them a show to remember Gainesville!!

Come on out to TheJam:Gainesville, this Saturday August 16, at 12 noon and Support your favorite Indie Artist, or maybe find a new one but as always…Let’s Get LOUDD!!!

Slots are still available!! If you are interested in performing in the showcase contact Loudd Magazine at louddmagazine@gmail.com


This has been a busy week for LOUDDMagazine and we wanted to take a quick second to let you know what’s going on in and around the 352 this weekend, here are our LOUDDScenes

Glory Days & The High Dive presents:

The YingYang Twins!!!!


Tonight a couple of our favorite #LOUDDCertified Artist’s will be opening for The Ying Yang Twins at the High Dive!

The show starts @8pm, tickets are still on sale and will be sold at the door.

LOUDD will be in the building, this is an event you won’t want to miss!! Click here  https://www.facebook.com/events/544786415641629/  for more details!

Level Nightclub Presents:

R&B Divas Takeover!


Tonight @ Level Lil’Mo, Syleena Johnson, and Keke Wyatt, will be performing live!!!

For all lovers of these truly talented artists, this is an event you surely don’t want to miss!!

Show starts @9pm sharp!!

For more info visit


or check out the link below!


Strictly Internationale @The Midnight



Get International @The Midnight!!

This weekly event hosted @The Midnight in Downtown Gainesville, is Free to all why not come out and support some international music!

For more info click one of the links below!



July ArtWalk Gainesville


Artwalk Gainesville takes place on the last Friday of the month in Downtown Gainesville, Florida. It’s a FREE self-guided tour of art galleries and businesses that support the arts in and around our community.

Tomorrow (7/25) from 7-10pm head Downtown and walk through the local artist scene, you never know what new and interesting piece you could fall in love with!

Check out the link for more info!


GrowRadio.org & The Bag Of Tricks Present:


The Live Interview!!


For all of our Hip-hop fans, tune-in to GrowRadio.org Friday @9pm

The #LOUDDCertified DJLX will be interviewing this Chicago based artist live in the studio!!

This week’s edition of The Bag of Tricks will definitely be worth tuning into, check out the link for more info


Also get to know Sey, the self-proclaimed, “rapper who never lies”

Click the link!!



The OverEasy Fest Sunday @6pm


The best place for Electronic Music in Town will be

@TheJAM:Gainesville, this Sunday night!

There will be performances on each stage, with many actvities and food in-between.

If you are a lover of electronica and the like, head to TheJAM:Gainesville on Sunday and vibe out!!

Check out the link for more info!!


If you want us to know about any of your events going on in or around the Gainesville area, shoot us an email with all information!