Br3adgang “Blazel” Your favorite “352” Stoner, stops by to Burn with “Loudd Magazine” about his music, his image, and Swag House Entertainment.


There’s nothing like Sunday Cooling, especially if you’re going to be chilling for a few with independent Hip Hop artist, Earnest Lee Hill II aka ” Br3adgang Blazel ” Gainesvilles favorite stoner . As he pulls in I make sure the recording device is working, and that there’s an ashtray on deck. He walks in with his new assistant “Star”, and he immediately sits down to roll up, but by surprise, he didn’t smoke right then, as if he is going to wait for the right moment to light up.Then he asks me to put on some 90’s Hip Hop music, preferably “Dr.Dre”.

LOUDD: Tell us about your first encounter with Hip Hop, and how did you know that you wanted to be an artist?

BLAZEL: Well, I have always had a passion for music. In the 12th grade I had a friend that had his own studio, and he invited me over and I got to see him work. He knew how to rap also; his word play was impeccable. When I was sitting there watching him put it all together with the music, I was so amazed by all of it. That was the moment I fell in love with Hip Hop, S/O to “Crown Vic”. I started following the process as he presented it, or how I saw it coming from him. He was the creative influence for me.


LOUDD: The first time LOUDD MAGAZINE  met you, you were with Swag House Entertainment with Ozzy Angulo , let us in on that movement?

BLAZEL: That was something that me and some of my best friends started. I was the first one rapping out of all of us, and it was something that we really enjoyed doing. So we formed our own group. From 2009 to 2012 we had a pretty good run; we even won a “GO HARD ENT 352” award for best group of the year. The time with Swag House Entertainment, really prepared me for this industry. Ozzy Angulo  is excellent at artist development. He taught us about stage presence, voice projection, and how to get the crowd involved, and also he always told us practice, practice, and more practice. I learned so much from him about becoming an artist, not just a rapper, and how to become a better performer. There is one thing that he told me that will stick with me forever, he said “Whenever you walk out the house, no matter what you are going through always walk out as “Br3adgang Blazel ” because when you’re in the public they look at you as Br3adgang Blazel , not Earnest, always be artist ready. I hold that with me real talk S/O to Ozzy Angulo


LOUDD: “AlonzoWorldwide Wright” who is an awesome artist and entertainer, was with Swag House Entertainment at that time also, did you feel that Ozzy Angulo focus on Alonzo was greater than anyone else in the group?  

BLAZEL: I have been presented with this question many times. No, not at all, at one point in time we were a group, and then we all decided that we were going to dismantle the group and become solo artists, but still be under Swag House Entertainment . I wasn’t as focused as I should have been around that period, I wasn’t putting my all into it, so everyone decided including me that AlonzoWorldwide Wright should be the front man, and everything started fresh. I was brought back into the fold, knowing what the circumstances were, and I was fine with that. I wasn’t ready to be the front man, as much as I wanted to be I just wasn’t ready. So, it wasn’t like we were competing with one another, he has the same love for my music as I do for his. All of us were family and still are. I learned a lot from watching him also. S/O to my brother “AlonzoWorldwide Wright”.


LOUDD: So is it true to say that you are independent and on your own now?

BLAZEL: Yes, I am “Blazel” and “Br3adgang” is my brand.


LOUDD: With that being said everyone who knows Br3adgang Blazel , knows that you are Gainesville’s favorite Stoner. Is being a stoner part of your stage image or is that really just you?

BLAZEL: I do smoke a lot, and that comes with me being an artist or without me being an artist, that’s just me. I used to work at Taco Bell, and I would to go to work a little toasted, and the girls used to come in there and ask my friend/co-worker , Where’s hazel? Because I have hazel eyes, and he would tell them “His name is not hazel it’s “Blazel”, and I just went with it. So I got that name from being blazed all the time. Your stage name has to fit who you are as an artist and a person. My music itself tells you who I am. My first song I ever made is called “50 pounds of 50” I remember that track like it was yesterday,  “Nicks, Dimes, Quarter sacs, half sacs all of that, holler at me for the QP I got it for the low, I’m selling weed not no blow, 50lbs of 50 coming down your block”. Something like that lol…lol.


LOUDD: Okay lol…..You got your brand, people know who Br3adgang Blazel  is, and you’re doing shows. LOUDD MAGAZINE went to your show at “1982 Bar ” Downtown Gainesville, where you were the headliner. Great show! You also were one of the opening acts for the Caskey concert at the HIGH DIVE (Gainesville, FL) .How do you go about getting your fan base?

BLAZEL: You have to make the people feel like they can relate to you, and you have to make them feel that you are one with them. Give your fans what they want. You have to bring them that energy that you put into your music, so they can feel it too. If they want me to come in the crowd when I am performing, that’s what I do. Get to know your fans, talk to them, and answer those questions that make them feel part of your music. That’s what they like personalization, if they feel like they know you they will come to your shows, and tell potential fans about you. The fans bring the fame and money, no fans equals no fame or money.


LOUDD: Do you think your music is strong enough to reach potential fans without you ever knowing who they are personally?

BLAZEL: Yeah, no doubt. There’s a person like each one of us, and there is someone out there where my music is connecting us together.

LOUDD: Yeah, that’s true, because I sure feel connected to your track “DeziNer”. I think you should work that track. Is there a video coming soon?

BLAZEL: The people response to “DeziNer” is really good, it’s a party starter, and a lot of people know the words. I appreciate the love. That makes me feel good about the work I put into that track, and I have promoted it as a single. You can get it on iTunes, Google play, wherever you buy music. We are working on the video, so stay tuned in.



LOUDD: What is the hardest thing about being an independent Hip Hop artist in Gainesville,Fl?  

BLAZEL: Ok, Let me fire up this joint for this one. Gainesville is weird man, because people can know you and still not support you. It’s some people that will support you, but for the most part it’s a popularity contest. If you’re not part of the popular, you have to create different ways to get yourself out there. It’s a jungle out here for us. We got to get it how we can. We need to support each other more. If we want to make something happen here in the 352, we need to come together to get it. Shit, I ain’t stingy; I support all of the indie movement here in the 352.


LOUDD: What’s in the pipeline for Br3adgang Blazel ?

BLAZEL: I ‘m not going to tell LOUDD MAGAZINE  too much, cause I’m working on some 007 type secret shit. I will tell you that there will be more visuals, people love visuals it keeps them focused on you. I am going to start a blog that gives me another connection for people to get to know me and my music. I am going to be reaching out to the people more.

LOUDD:  What collabs do you have out there; drop a few names on us?

BLAZEL: Let me get at this real quick. I something coming with Thomas Swanson  of Pristine Stringz , they played “Fetty Wap’s” “Trap Queen” with the violin and cello on Magic 101.3 FM, those guys are real talented. I got something with Spiffy Vuitton he got a verse on my track “Hella Queen” and he killed it. I got something with Alonzoworldwide that no one has heard yet. I’m working on some stuff with LNEM (Late Nights Early Mornings) , S/O to Jordan Spencer , Nick SwainJus Marx., and Pontiacpurp  , those guys work hard. I got a collab with Dyme Pyece DA Print  called “Fucking with me” on my sound cloud. Really, I am open for features but it has to make sense. I want to do features with artists that can possibly bring us more fans and attention.


LOUDD: If you could do collaboration with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

BLAZEL:  “Warren. G”. The G-Funk era was the best. He was one of my favorite artists of that time. I can relate really well with that era. I’m bringing that G-Funk back.


LOUDD: Is Hip Hop reality, or is reality Hip Hop?

BLAZEL: Hip Hop is reality, and the reality is, this is what I do. It’s the only thing that makes sense.



Br3adgang “Blazel”

S/O to LOUDD MAGAZINE , for always holding it down for the Independent movement. S/O to Alonzoworldwide  you are a big inspiration, 1 Love, S/O Ozzy Angulo aka Peru you really taught me a lot, Thank you. S/O to Star and Rich. S/O to Dennis Lee. S/O to Dj Shade , we make shit happen.

Br3adgang Blazel #OnlyIfYourCool

Interview: Tyra Edwards ” LOUDD MAGAZINE

Photographs : #Options Photography ,  Jordan Spencer Studios


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