Loudd Magazine “Turns Down” with Zap Man

He brings high energy, he never cuts his audience short of a show, he was nominated for a “TEAM BIGGA RANKIN ” Diamond Award” 2 years in a row (2014 and 2015),  and he is determined to make it. 352’s independent Hip Hop artist “Zap Man” turns it down a notch, for a little Q and A with LOUDD Magazine.



LOUDD: Can you tell us what’s behind the name “Zap Man”, because from what LOUDD Magazine has heard, this is not your first stage name?

ZAP MAN: Well, what you heard was right. Zap Man was not my original name. I started out with “JT Money”, and of course I couldn’t get far with that name because there was a “JT Money” out there already (S/O to “JT MONEY “), but my peers called me JT Money, because of my birth name (Joseph Tyrone Scott), and if you put the parallel lines on the S you get the money sign, so I just got that name in the streets, and when people used to hear me rap that’s what they called me.

 Once I realized I wanted to be a Hip Hop artist at the age of 16, I wanted to choose a name for myself. I had just got some gold’s in my mouth and I wanted to call myself “Gold Mouth” and it was perfect for me at the time, because I didn’t know anyone with that name, and I rode with the name Gold Mouth for a long time, until it came time for me to register my brand. I found out that the name “Gold Mouth” was already registered, matter of fact it’s a track on “Young Jeezy’s “album where he says “Free Gold Mouth”, so the Gold Mouth days were at an end for me.


 What made me choose the name “Zap Man” was at the time when I was Gold Mouth, I was on Face Book, posting my songs, and I really did not know what I was doing. I was trying to learn from watching others that was already in the game like: Tara Crawford-James “Go Hard” and what she was doing with 8th Ave .”Maintain McQueens” determination, “Precious Shonda Swain”, “Big-Amp Parker”, and “Jeff Peaks“ their outstanding dedication to help and educate other artists. Now at the time, I really couldn’t afford the services that were out there to help me evolve as an artist, so I started doing it myself. Flooding people’s timelines, I just went into a tagging spree (lol!), learned how to Instagram and Tweet. One day someone sent a message in my inbox and it said: Hey, I don’t mind the tags, but you are Zappin the hell out of my timeline. I was all over the place, Zappin everybody that would let me; also I was still out in the streets Zappin here, there and everywhere trying to make it happen. “Zap Man” was created from out here trying to get it. I am “Zap Man“, Zappin the game.

LOUDD: You, your music, and your image is very high energized.Can you tell us how you incorporate all that into being “Zap Man”?

FB_IMG_1428889133214  FB_IMG_1428888956254

ZAP MAN: My style depends on the beat. At least for me, if the beat is slow, and a more mellowed out then Zap Man is going to stay with the bars, and bring out lyrics.  When the beat is fast and hitting, I am not as lyrical, I just rhyme, because the beat is doing most of the work for me all I got to do is enhance it, and that’s when I get real crunked and crazy.  My style is just unplanned most of the time I just go with what I feel.

LOUDD: Okay, Okay, your style is versatile, but LOUDD Magazine wants to know, where does all that energy come from? You bring the energy to the stage and the crowd. I have been to shows where the entertainment energy was getting drained, and when your name was called to come to the stage, I have actually heard people say “I’m up now, Zap Man on the stage” Is that just who you are or is that something you get from the music.

10891633_792568794129961_1064747213805407058_n 10898162_792568874129953_470554656441925131_n

ZAP MAN: That’s just who I am, which helps me get it through to the music. When I get to the stage and get that tunnel vision, it doesn’t make a difference if it’s 1 or 100 people there; I am there to give a show. So I perform like its a million people there. I am so happy that everyone is there to watch me perform. I owe the audience all of me when they come to see a show.

LOUDD: I remember when I first started “LOUDD Magazine”, and you came out with your popular single “YAMZ”. You put that single on your anticipated mix tape “Life of a Hustler” and then you come up and out with a second anticipated mix tape “The Creation”. Which by the way, the graphics for both of these mix tapes is superb, S/O to Steve Jean-Jacques aka “Furie” onwer of GrfXPRESS LLC.

10320463_679459532107555_865568578640467547_n  FB_IMG_1428889155115

ZAP MAN:  S/O to Steve Jean-Jacques aka “Furie”, he really knew what fit went with my image, and what I wanted to express to my fans through my mix tape covers. He is a really talented man. He has the game on lock right now in the graphic design game.  He makes you feel important through the designs that he creates for you. All my designs from him have gotten a lot of praise. Thank you #Furie

LOUDD: You made your 1st mix tape, (Life of a Hustler) your 2nd release, and your 2nd project, which is an EP (The Creation) your 1st release. Why?

ZAP MAN: “YAMZ” was supposed to be featured on my original first mix tape “Life of a Hustler”, but I took it off and remixed it and put it on the EP “The Creation”, which will introduce my now turned into an album “Life of a Hustler”. Life of a Hustler has all original beats, everything is authentic, so it’s not a mix tape it is my first album. I had to revamp the process. The Creation tells the story of how “Life of a Hustler” came to be. This business is about being creative, and I have to make sure that my creativity is on point, but at the same time, so that the people can understand me as an artist.

LOUDD: You are a man of more than one hustle, you have a record label “MOS Recordz LLC” that you are trying to get up and going, and you also have a promotion company “25/8 NO SLEEP Street Team”, which is doing very well. You also work a full time job. What drives your hustle?


ZAP MAN: I want to be rich. I am tired of being poor.

LOUDD: Honesty at its best! lol !!!  Thank you for that. Everyone wants money, and that is just one of the rewards that comes with the game. What keeps you saying, this is it, this is the way I want to pursue my dreams. You can try to get rich so many different ways, why the music game?

ZAP MAN: Okay, what drives the drive (lol)? I have been doing this since I have been 16 yrs old, so there is no doubt at all, that this is in my DNA. I was created to do this. I love this music life; from the beats, the producers, the photographers, the shows, the media, the promotions, the supporters, and the fans. I have always been a big supporter of the Independent movement. I want all of us to prosper from our talents. We have so many talented artists here in my city of the “352”, and I will help in any way that I can to make things happen for us. Hip Hop Artist “Maintain McQueen” once said to me”A successful person is a person who doesn’t mind helping someone else be successful along the way”. It’s all about love.


LOUDD: So what’s in the pipeline for Zap Man ?

ZAP MAN: Expect some new tracks coming out. New videos, Work, work, and more work. I got some shows lined up this summer, including one at the “6th Annual Stunt Fest ” on June 6th at the fairgrounds here in Gainesville, S/O to “Deidre DooneyGirl Gent“, for this wonderful event she puts on every year, also the 34th Annual“Archer’s Mother’s Day Festival” Indie Artist ShowCase , I will be performing for “LOUDD Magazine” and “Burning 50”. I’m just working on getting my life right at the same time also. My music is everything, so I will always have something coming up.

1383469_1041427492553531_1776737384182880294_n received_361364594059043

LOUDD: If there is one thing you want say to your city the “352”, what will it be?

ZAP MAN: Save Hip Hop in the 352, and “YAMZ!!!!! ”Zap Man” Out!!!!

Interview by: Tyra Edwards of LOUDD MAGAZINE

Photographs by: Kingsley King Photography,Jordan Spencer Studios, and Alexandra Heater of Options Photography.   


7 thoughts on “Loudd Magazine “Turns Down” with Zap Man”

  1. great interview. .. love seeing.the work.that. Loud Mag involves in the 352 and surrounding.areas. Zap Man is a great artist and love.to.watch him preform live. kick it in the studio with him during his sessions or my own.. keep up the hard work it’s paying off more than you know and that goes for you to as well Loud Mag. glad I was introduced to.you both and this music scene. thank u both for all that y’all do.

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