“Burning 50 Atlanta” Takes off Tomorrow


Tomorrow noon Wiley G Martin aka “Mr. Burning 50”, will turn into Wiley G Atlanta aka “Burning 50 The Fla Plug”. Wiley G sat down with LOUDD MAGAZINE  in the previous interview “Wiley G, Plugging “Burning 50” into Atlanta, where he talked about going to the ATL to build new relationships by networking in a different market. 


Wiley expressed how he felt it was his duty to create a lane for the Fla Indie artist. Wiley also said that he will be starting with the DJ’s of Atlanta, and that he will be taking a lot of material with him from different artists in Gainesville. He ask that all artists that wanted their materiel exposed for this trip, to get in contact with him. This is the first trip of many to come. If you want to be included on this first trip, please contact Wiley @ 352-258-0966 and have your material ready by 12 noon.He will meet you or give you a destination to meet him with your material. Salute to Wiley, and Loudd Magazine wishes you a safe and very successful trip.



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