Go Hard “Come Get It” Dance Competition 2015


This Saturday at “Lincoln Middle School” Tara Crawford-James C.E.O of “Go Hard Entertainment” hosted her first dance competition “Come Get It”. This competition brought out dancers from the North Central Florida area to compete in front of their peers, family, and the public. LOUDD MAGAZINE had the pleasure of watching these young competitors bring it to the stage.

Ms. James an ex correction officer and recovery specialist, saw a need for women struggling with addiction to have a safe place to live in order to continue their sobriety. The first home that Ms. James opened for these women (The Serenity House), had to close due to operating expenses. So. she opened up her own house for these women, and the result of that is she and her daughter share a room together, but Ms. James feels that it is worth the sacrifice. Ms. James is in need to purchase a home for the ladies, so she started this dance competition as a fundraiser to help raise money for a  new Serenity House. This fundraising event brought the city out.  


Competition of this sort can be valuable for young dancers, whether they win or lose. It also teaches them confidence and self-awareness to perform in front of people and prepares them for life’s challenges. It stresses the importance of working with each other, not against each other.Let’s also acknowledge that It takes a lot for these young dancers to get in front of everyone and show off their talents.Getting on the stage and doing their best is the primary goal; the awards they take home is secondary.


Ms.James had a host of community that helped her make this event a success. The judges on the panel were Tawanna Baker, ‎Red JohnsonLakeysha AllenCheryl Floyd-lucas, and Michelle Atkins.A host of t-shirts sponsersTorry Farley,  Coconuts Salon and BarbershopSalonSyx Styles,Big-Amp ParkerAllStar SportsbarNgrillGrfXPRESS LLC ,Amp Da BarberThe Venue Nightclub and Lounge, #Escalade Salon, 16th Street Detailing, Deidre DooneyGirl Gent, and Duicey Doo Gent (D&D Print). A special Thank You goes to “The Circle”, a organization of men that gives donations and charity to the community. Community coming together like this means a lot, and it also sets examples to our youth, it allows them to understand unity.


Let’s us not forget the ones that keep it hype. DJ Wayne Head kept it “Turned Up” and  Yung Kodak sure does know how to keep the crowd wanting more. These two combinations made the “Come Get It” Dance Competition a day to remember. Young Kodack  had the audience dancing, and the parents showing off a little old school 1..2.


 Big-Amp Parker stop in to show his support

PicsArt_1424655276032 PicsArt_1424655323299

The winning teams were announced, and they get to come back on Saturday, March 14th to compete for the final round. Here is the name of the teams that will be be coming back: Hip Hop Creative Dance: (Baby Flawless Diamonds, DivaTude, and Sassy Divas). Stand Battle: (Legacy Elite, Black Pearls, Exquisite Dancers, and Sassy Divas). Baby Competition: (Baby Divas and Sassy Wine) Congratulations to all of the returning teams, and remember they all are winners. Great show !!!

If you would like to make a donation to the Serenity House Fund contact Tara James @352-301-1763


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