Loudd Magazine’s Diamonds in the 352



“Diamond” comes from the Greek adjective “Adamas”, a word they used for any unbreakable or indestructible substance, such as the hardest substance known to man, and did you know that we have “Diamonds” right here in the 352. The “Team Bigga Rankin Diamond Awards “is held every year and is highly anticipated by many independent artists here in the south, because it validates all of the hard work that they have put in all year. This is another year that “TBR” recognized the hard grind in the 352. So who are these nominees this year that make the 352 shine like diamonds, let Loudd Magazine run it for ya!

Maintain McQueen brought back the 2014 Diamond Award to the 352 last year. Maintain is one of the 352’s pioneers when it comes to this game.  8th Ave jumped out in July and landed right in the studio. His single “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” got continuous radio play on Gainesville’s Magic 101.3 FM.


Julius J-long Long: Can’t stop and he won’t stop and he letting yall know all he know is “Flexin”.  Jay Spiffy stands in this game not only with dope tracks, but with great resilience #SpiffLife.


 Zap Man  Zap Man let us get a YAM ! Zap might have hustled up a Diamond.  Dyme Pyece DA Print the only Femcee in the 352 nominated for a Diamond Award this year.


Fie Scoobie Jones we are gonna meet you at the “Diamond Awards 2015” Ball! Lilpo HoodHero  it’s Count Time.


Willie Chill Will Simmons it’s something about you.  Santana Banga  #DriodGang . @Acapella Salute!



Always keeping the Heat Up….DJ Wayne Head….  DJ Belly…..  Djtronnix Gville-Fla….. Djislandboiglobal (Winner of last years DJOTY Diamond Award)….. JJ TheEntertainer


There you have it ,all of our Diamonds,now the rest is up to you. Please go and visit  http://www.tbrdiamondawards.com/ and vote for your favorite 352 Artist and DJ. Help bring back a “Diamond Award “. LOUDD MAGAZINE Congratulates all of the “352” Indie Artists and DJ’s that is nominated for the “TBRDiamondAwards “. All of you worked very hard in “2014” and you all are deserving. Salute!!!


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