Loudd Magazine Interview: Wiley G. Plugging “Burning 50” Into Atlanta


LOUDD: Wiley G Martin aka “Mr. Burning 50 ” tell us what is the official title of what you do?

Wiley G: I have been called a promoter and a producer. I’ve always had a problem with giving my craft a title. My title has a wide range, and I wear many different hats. If I had to pick one to set the record straight, it would be a promoter. I do promote independent artists and their music, and I expose the artist’s talents through “Burning 50 “productions which is my brand, so that also makes me an entrepreneur. Ok I’ll go with promoter, producer, and entrepreneur. I have 3 hats…lol


LOUDD: How did you come to the journey of these 3 titles?

Wiley G: Well, I started out with knowing nothing at all. I was totally blind to a lot of ethics that came with this life in the industry. My first take at it, I started out as a producer. I eventually learned how to mix down, and sample, you know just the entry level stuff. After about a year or so, I started rapping, but after about 3 or 4 years of that, I went back to solely producing. I realized that I was developing a gift as a producer, and that I actually have great sight for talent, and a great ear for good music.

LOUDD: What or who, validated that you were really talented at what you do?

Wiley G: What really validated my talents for me was when I meet this guy from Miami named “Gutta Dream”. He heard my music through the grapevine. My first album that I produced with someone in Lake City, was out in the streets and he heard it. He was really impressed with the album, because he came all the way to Gainesville to find me. He took me under his wing and we traveled for a whole year to 6 different states. We sold over 22,000 CD’s. He just really took a liking to what I did as far as music. A lot of what I know today is because of him. He guided me into this industry. This man didn’t know me from Adam at first, and for him to find me and want to work with me on different projects, I mean that’s amazing. Gutta Dream validated that I had amazing talents. I knew at that moment, that  I wanted to do the same for other artist’s as well. Much love to “Gutta Dream”.


LOUDD: With that being said, the beginning of the “Burning 50” series began. Drop some facts about the “Burning 50” collection?

Wiley G:The “Burning 50” collection came about when I had completely just gave up. I had my third son and where I was living there was not enough room for me to raise my son and to have a studio. I had to get rid of my in-home studio to make room for him, as a father should do. In  the mist of that I basically stop doing music.                                                                                                                            I realized one day that I had a lot of independent artist’s music. Artists would send me tons of it; I mean no mixing, no mastering, and just no nothing, just raw. All they really wanted was my opinion about their music. What did I think, what should they add, what should be the next move, is it any good, things like that. So, my partner “Freaky Freddie” and I came up with the idea to create a situation to put out all this great independent music on a CD to get it out to the people, to create fans for the artists. I consulted with others like, Sean Hunter and Big Bud, and they thought that the idea was really huge. After getting confirmation from others in the game that I looked up to, that’s when Burning 50 was born.

  1. Burning 50 Volume 1 – “Most Wanted” – 2011
  2. Burning 50 Volume 2 – “ Best of the Best – 2012
  3. Burning 50 Volume 3 – “Super Loud” – 2013
  4. Burning 50 Volume 4 – “Dat Gas” – 2014


LOUDD: Looks like “Burning 50” brand is going to other heights. Tell us about the motive for Burning 50 Atlanta?

Wiley G: The motive for “Burning 50 Atlanta” is drive and ambition. The vision is to go into a new market, with no validation from anyone. We are totally just leaning on our drives, and ambitions to be successful. To go in and network, build new relationships, and bring Florida to Atlanta and Atlanta to Florida.  Atlanta is just the first of many cities we plan to hit. Atlanta is one of the best cities to start in when it comes to independent music. Atlanta comes 1st in place for venturing into the next level for independent music. There are some incredible connections there that we are going to be able to spin off and bring back to Florida. We are going to start with the most vital tool in the game which is the “DJ’s “.  We’re going to hit the malls, parks, clubs, and events to pass off good materiel so we can get it out there in different markets. Gain different fans and to perform out of state. All these ideas will be executed, so that the Florida artist can have maximum exposure. We are gonna burn I-75 up this year.

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LOUDD: This has to be one of the most unselfish interviews I have done thus far. During this interview, you said ” We and Us” all the way through the interview. This really expresses the love you have for your city and for independent artist. You’re not just doing this for Wiley and Burning 50; you’re doing this for them too.

Wiley G: Right, I have to do it for them. I don’t rap or sing. I’m not the one getting on stage doing any of that stuff. It’s a blessing to me, to be a blessing to some of these artists, to be in a position to help them get closer to their goal.

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LOUDD: How can anyone who wants to be successful in this business, benefit from networking outside their area?

Wiley G: I always will say this to independent artists. Your value lies as far away from home as you can get. What I mean by that is. You want to travel as an artist and reach out touch an audience that doesn’t know you. That way you know that you have developed this thing called “Fans “. Fans are the people that are going to love your music the most. Independent artists must understand that there is a difference between a supporter and a fan. Your supporters are your home boys, home girls, Mom, Dad, and the people you grew up with. Supporters are the people that you expect to support your grind and your music. Fans are people that you don’t know, they are people that you’ve never seen, and probably will never see or communicate with them on a personal level. Fans love you for the music you make. Fans have a personal relationship with your music. Fans will pay $100 to come see you perform because your fans love your music, they feel like they have known you all their life through your music.. That’s what “Burning 50” is about;  creating fans for the independent artists out here, so they will have a hell of chance at success. That’s the basis of “Burning 50 Atlanta”, to help build fan bases and make it pay off.

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