P.S.A….P.S.A…..roll out the welcome carpet “8TH AVE “is back!!!! The rapper jumped on July 20th, and now he’s returning to the rap scene in full force “Fresh Out The Gates”, and it shows. 8TH AVE time away has fueled a fire that is ready to burn. He is beaming with pride over the reactions he has received from all of his Gainesville’s natives, and underground rappers that support his comeback.
We can’t wait to see what “Tara James” Ms Go Hard 352” has coming ahead. ‪#‎Salute 8TH AVE


Loudd Magazine and M.O.S Recordz Presents: WHO’S HOT TOURNAMENT “

Who HOT (1)

  1. Do you have fans?  Will your fans pay $10.00 to see you perform? We will give you 20 tickets to sell to your fans. If you sell fewer than 10 tickets, you will still get to perform and you will receive your footage, but you will not be eligible to win the $500.00 paid show. Why? The reason for the paid show is to show promoters, venues, and the public, that you can bring fans out to shows, if you can’t sell 10 tickets, then you do not have a good following, and venues and promoters do not want to spend money to entertain an empty space.
  2. What if I sell over 10 tickets? Then you will be eligible to win the $500.00 paid show prize. If you sell over 15 tickets, we will give you half of every ticket that you sell over the 15. This gives you the chance to make your $50.00 registration fee back and then some!!! You have proven that you have a Fan Base!!!!!!


The contestants will be judged on a 10 point system with 3 judges, so that will give the contestant up to 30 points to win.
1. Tickets Sales – This shows that you do have a fan-base and that you can bring them out. For every 10 tickets you sale you get a point.
2. Song Selection
3. Song Production
4. Image
5. Promptness
6. Promotions / Marketing – Even though we will promote this show to the fullest, you will be watched on how you can promote yourself.
7. Stage Presents – Can you put on a show
8. Presentation of your show – How you execute your entrance on to the stage.
9. Crowd participation – Do you have a connection with the audience
10. Originality


Contact Info: Loudd Magazine (Tyra ) 352-256-5629 or louddmagazine@gmail.com or M.O.S. Recordz ( ( ZapMan) 352-872-6810 or mosrecordz404@gmail.com



Tomorrow is the North Central Florida Gainesville Music Summit, founded by entrepreneurs “Big Amp Parker “and “C.Wakeley”. This is an event that is looked forward to by many in the independent music industry. Loudd Magazine sat down with Mr. Big Amp Parker to find out exactly does this event bring the North Central Florida region.

LOUDD: Tomorrow on Sept 17th, is the “Gainesville Music Summit “, can you tell us the history of this event?

Big Amp: This is our 14th music summit, and we do them all in Gainesville. Except for one year we did in Tampa, when Florida hosted the Super Bowl. This event was started by me and my partner “C. Wakeley”.


LOUDD: What was the inspiration that motivated you to have this event in the North Central Florida area?

Big Amp: Well, I am from here for one, and the popular belief is that, there is a need is here in N. Central Florida for an event that that informs the public about proper etiquette  the music industry. Since I was 20yrs old, the vision for me has always been to level off the playing field, so that N. Central Florida would have the opportunity to shine, and be well respected along with other cities in America.

LOUDD: The music industry is probably one of the most interesting, but yet the most difficult. How does someone planning a future in the music business prepare oneself for this?

Big Amp: You have to stay prayed up, and be mentally strong, committed, and persistent. Prepare first by being honest, and doing inventory in the mirror with your skill set.

LOUDD: There are 3 elements that make just about anything successful, and that’s a goal, a plan, and a team. Tell us how the Gainesville Music Summit can prepare a future artist for success?

Big Amp: Gainesville Florida Music Summit can help you prepare by introducing you to some of the other entrepreneurs outside of your market. Also, it will give you tips and access to people who make a living doing what you aim to do. It will motivate and encourage you get to achieve your goals, and you will see that your dreams are within reach with knowledge.

10339721_719701718068543_1035439280957368238_n (1)

LOUDD: How important is it for artists, promoters, managers, venue owners, and the media to have a connection that intertwines with the community?

Big Amp:  We should have connection network, and be involved in our community. There are different ways not just monetary. We have to invest time effort because we can’t just do business and take and never give back. That’s like planting, but never watering a flower, what good can come from that? The community will support you, but it has to be a two way street.

LOUDD: Tell us some of the weakness that a person in the industry may have, and how can they correct them?

Big Amp: Not being able to take creative criticism for one, being under prepared, and lazy. Having no understanding of business problems, and solutions can be very destructive to your dream. Consider the source. Plan, prepare, and expect greatness. Nothing can fix lazy but an altering life experience. Please people, if you don’t understand business put some on your team who does968832_560100087362041_97015226_n

LOUDD: What are some of the names that will be giving us some knowledge about the music industry?

Big Amp: There will be very fundamental panels, as well as a few special guests, Blizm w/K-100 Radio, Tony Go Hard, DJ Rell, and many more. The public will be catered to with plenty of knowledge.

LOUDD: What do you want everyone that attends the Gainesville Music Summit to go home with?

Big Amp: I hope everyone walks away with a sense of urgency to succeed, and more contacts. Motivation with a plan to do better, and an execution game to follow through.





The weekend of Aug 30th marks the one year Anniversary of Level Nite Club, and to celebrate this momentous event Loudd Magazine had the pleasure of chatting with Owner/CEO Torry Farley about what this past year with Level has been like for the burgeoning entrepreneur.

Former owner of Status Night Club, Farley is relieved to have made it through year one with Level. He stated that it is a defining moment in his career because most businesses fail within their first year; he is convinced that this next year will be better than the last. The shining moment of the entire year was working with Elite Management Group and that his biggest goal for the club is to make Level as synonymous to Gainesville, like King of Diamonds is to Miami


Carrying a true entrepreneurial spirit he gives a platform for the Indie scene hosting MADE Mondays and Woman Crush Wednesdays as outlets for the independent artist. He wants to see the indie scene grow and hopes to put Level and Gainesville on the map for any artists trying to make a name and build a brand for themselves. Loudd Magazine will officially be hosting the next Indie artist showcase at Level and Farley is very excited about this particular event, being an artist himself, he said that the Indie showcase will be a great event for the Artists here in the city. This will be a great opportunity for the artists since they will be vying to win their spot to open up for one of the acts coming to Level this semester; Iceberg, Yung Scooter, Santa Maria, and Ty Dollar Sign (who will be performing Oct 10th), just to name a few.


Farley placed an emphasis on business and community collaboration. He supports outreach programs such as The Flossie B Walker Foundation and The Circle that, hosts a canned good drive every Sunday with donations/contributions being given back to the community. In order to establish more business collaborations in the city, Farley looks to the opening of Venue (located directly across the street from Level) he has a high amount of respect for “Jay Littles”, and his team and would jump at the chance to do business with them.


One God, one goal, one destiny, is the mantra that guides his goals for Level Nite Club, and he doesn’t want Level to be just another club, he wants to broaden the horizons and make Level an all encompassing venue for the city of Gainesville. That’s evident by the acts he has lined up for the One Year Anniversary celebration on Aug 30th 2014. The entire club will be open with live performances and of course game-day festivities. This event will be one for the city and Loudd Magazine will be present making sure we get a glimpse of the Indie-Artists performing that night.

There will be a lot of business for Level coming in this next year and Farley has high hopes to expand the Level demographic, with plans for a Foam Party partnering up w/ Santa Fe and UF, Techno w/ Dada Life, and a Glow Party. He has plans to make Level Nite Club the hottest spot in the Gator City.


If you are interested in planning an event at Level, they can be contacted at 352-363-6869 or you can check out their FaceBook Page click the link below.


LouddPSA: Team Up with Timbaland!!


Do you have an original track that you want to share with the world?

Do you think you have what it takes to spend a day in the studio Grammy Award Winning Producer Timbaland??

Put your skills to the test in the ‘Team Up With Timbaland’ Song Contest Presented by Lenovo and Microsoft

Here’s how it will work, The contest, which started Aug 27th, is open to individual, aspiring music artists who are 18 years and over and legal U.S. residents. Your submission must be of an ORIGINAL SONG. To submit, simply provide either a SoundCloud audio link or YouTube video link to your song. Your original song can be with or without lyrics and across any music genre.

There will be Two Rounds of Judging. Round One will be based on a combination of votes from the general public and judging by Timbaland. Up to five finalists will be selected. In Round Two those finalists will be given a music challenge by Timbaland to determine the Grand Prize winner.

Grand Prize includes a Two-night stay in Miami, a 6 hour recording session with Timbaland, VIP Tickets to Coachella 2015 and a $500 American Express Gift Card!

Submission Deadline is Sunday September 28th @11:59pm Pacific Standard Time.

For complete entry details and contest rules go to the contest website:


Post your entry in the LouddMagazine Facebook page so we can vote for your track!