LOUDD: How would you describe yourself in this industry? Are you a rookie or have you paid your dues in this game?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I definitely wouldn’t call myself a rookie. I have been in this game for a minute. I started in the battle game, like a lot of emcees do, but I have paid my dues.  I have been marketing myself and my brand a lot of different ways to put my career out there. I’m self made for mainstream. I’m ready.

LOUDD: Who or What was your inspiration for being a Hip Hop Artist?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I am inspired by creativity. I love being in the studio making music. It is a way of expressing me. Also, my family inspires me to do what I love. I am a very family orientated person, and that’s always the inspiration. Every time I get behind the mic, they are there with me, and my creativity goes through the roof.


LOUDD:  How have you grown as an artist?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I am always growing as a person, so as I change, I am growing as an artist too. If you stay the same all the time your craft does not grow. My craft grows as I grow.  I have evolved as an artist and I know how important is to be yourself in this industry. My style is my signature of my growth as an artist, because it’s my own and it took time for me to develop that style to perfection, just for me.

LOUDD:   What is your fan base like, and how do you keep them?

Pre’T Boi Huss:  My fan base starts in FL which is home base. I am from Hollywood FL. I have a lot of loyal fans that support me no matter what I do. I keep them by being real, and I keep doing the music that I love because that’s how my fans identify with me. I will never give my fans anything less than that, and that’s how I keep them.

LOUDD: What is your strategy for creating new fans?

Pre’T Boi Huss: Creating new fans is all about promoting and marketing. I do a lot of that. I am doing shows in different cities, and every time I gain new fans. I keep myself exposed.

LOUDD MAGAZINE’S Brittany King talks to “ Pre’T Boi Huss “

LOUDD: What advice do you have for other artists that are coming into the underground world of Hip Hop?

Pre’T Boi Huss: Stay true to yourself and the game. This industry is tough there will be a lot of no’s, but someone will say yes as well. Stay on ya grind and stay focus.



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