LouddScenes: Rain Nightclub

Tonight will be the Grand Opening of Rain Nightclub!!!!

Formerly Club Plasma, Rain is located in Downtown Gainesville at 7 SW 1st St

Ladies get in and drink FREE ALL NIGHT!!

Make sure to stop by and check out the scene !

Stay safe, and Get Loudd tonight at Rain Nightclub!!



LouddSneak Peeks

An exclusive Loudd Sneak Peek will be coming soon!!

One of our LouddCertified artists will be dropping their first EP within the next few weeks. We can’t disclose the details as of yet, but listening to the first cut, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Tuned….Stay LOUDD!!

LOUDDScenes: Homegrown Music & Arts Festival @TheCMC

Tomorrow August 23, The Civic Media Center and Library will be hosting The Homegrown Music and Arts Festival, which will start promptly at 6pm.


Sponsored by Bang Bang Suckas and Rx, this festival will feature some of Gainesville’s finest homegrown artists, and emcees!

Here’s the Line-up of all the Artist’s and Emcees performing

On the indoor stage there will be live Hip-Hop hosted by Bang Bang Suckas featuring

On the outdoor patio there will be EDM hosted by Rx featuring DJ’s

There will also be Art on display featuring the local talents of
Ras Justo, Travis Johnson, Rachel Sommer

Cover is $5 Before 10PM & $7 After

And of course we love a party with a purpose this festival will also give awareness to the Vote on the Second Amendment to allow the use of Medicinal Marijuana here in Florida.

For more information Check out the Facebook Event page for links to each artist, DJ, and also more information about the Vote on the Second Amendment!




LOUDD: How would you describe yourself in this industry? Are you a rookie or have you paid your dues in this game?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I definitely wouldn’t call myself a rookie. I have been in this game for a minute. I started in the battle game, like a lot of emcees do, but I have paid my dues.  I have been marketing myself and my brand a lot of different ways to put my career out there. I’m self made for mainstream. I’m ready.

LOUDD: Who or What was your inspiration for being a Hip Hop Artist?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I am inspired by creativity. I love being in the studio making music. It is a way of expressing me. Also, my family inspires me to do what I love. I am a very family orientated person, and that’s always the inspiration. Every time I get behind the mic, they are there with me, and my creativity goes through the roof.


LOUDD:  How have you grown as an artist?

Pre’T Boi Huss: I am always growing as a person, so as I change, I am growing as an artist too. If you stay the same all the time your craft does not grow. My craft grows as I grow.  I have evolved as an artist and I know how important is to be yourself in this industry. My style is my signature of my growth as an artist, because it’s my own and it took time for me to develop that style to perfection, just for me.

LOUDD:   What is your fan base like, and how do you keep them?

Pre’T Boi Huss:  My fan base starts in FL which is home base. I am from Hollywood FL. I have a lot of loyal fans that support me no matter what I do. I keep them by being real, and I keep doing the music that I love because that’s how my fans identify with me. I will never give my fans anything less than that, and that’s how I keep them.

LOUDD: What is your strategy for creating new fans?

Pre’T Boi Huss: Creating new fans is all about promoting and marketing. I do a lot of that. I am doing shows in different cities, and every time I gain new fans. I keep myself exposed.

LOUDD MAGAZINE’S Brittany King talks to “ Pre’T Boi Huss “

LOUDD: What advice do you have for other artists that are coming into the underground world of Hip Hop?

Pre’T Boi Huss: Stay true to yourself and the game. This industry is tough there will be a lot of no’s, but someone will say yes as well. Stay on ya grind and stay focus.


LouddScenes: T.I. Album Listening Party @Simons Nightclub

TI Album Listening Party v2

On Tuesday August, 12th at an Invite-Only event held at Simons Nightclub in Downtown Gainesville LouddMagazine in conjunction with Aviators Design Studio, and many more entities, had the pleasure and opportunity to get a sneak listen to T.I.’s new album Paperwork: The Motion Picture.

Dubbed “The King of the South”, T.I. both entertained and enticed us with 8 exclusive tracks from his new album, and let us be the first to tell you this album will be worth the short wait as it is set to be released in mid-September. This marks the beginning of a new era for the Atlanta born rapper, who recently cut ties with Atlantic Records. This new album will be produced under Colombia Records with Pharrell signed on to be Executive Producer.

We had the chance to have a brief Q&A session with the rapper, and from the experience it’s clear to see that this man is nothing short of genuine a humble man with a heart for his family and the people who helped him to stardom, his fans. He spoke with us about what went into making this project, and how he created a timeless album that had a great amount of soul.

The headbanger track, ‘G-Sh**’, the title track ‘Paperwork’, and the smooth and gritty sounds of ‘About my Issues’ exemplify that this project is sure to be just what he set out for it to become, simply a classic. He also kept in line with what we have grown to love from him, which is hardcore, unrelenting, lyricism the track ‘King’ conveys that “The King” still wears that crown and it hasn’t faltered one bit.

Unquestionably the track ‘New National Anthem’ hits to the heart, it expresses the angst that we are facing right now with the social unrest going on around the nation. When questioned about what inspired this track he stated, “Certain things need to be said, and I’m the only one who will talk about it, so I did”. Unapologetically raw and politically charged, this song will get you into action.

The album also has a few featured artists from Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hustle, Chris Brown, and a local group from Atlanta called ‘Watch the Duck’ (check out their video below) T.I. did not leave us with any doubt that his ninth album will be true to “The King of the South”

He also got candid with the listeners and spoke about the artist’s he’d love to work with in the future like, Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys, Sade and Prince to name a few. He also talked about his motivations for signing Iggy Azalea to his Grand Hustle label, and he says that no one else was going against the grain, that’s what he wanted to achieve by signing the Australian-born rapper.

When asked what he would tell independent artist’s trying to build their brand and fan base, T.I. had some great advice,

“Count on hard work, that if you want the most, you must do the most. Networking is key! […]Keep your head down and keep working, don’t focus on what everyone else around you is doing because if every 5 minutes you’re looking around to see what the other man is doing you’ll never make it anywhere. Give 100% of yourself to your passion and NOTHING less!”

Now that’s CertifiedLoudd!!

Look out for T.I.’s Paperwork: The Motion Picture coming to stores and will be available on I-tunes in mid-September!


LOUDDScenes: Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase


This Saturday August 16, Loudd Magazine will host its First Annual Independent Artist Showcase, aptly titled:

 Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase

This show will be held at TheJAM:Gainesville and will start at 12 noon ending at 7pm.

It will showcase 25 independent artists from in and around the Gainesville area, and will be hosted by Founder/CEO of Loudd Magazine Tyra Edwards, and Artist/CEO of M.O.S. Records w/ The 25/8 Street Team ZapMan!!!

Some of the Artists being Featured this weekend will be: K-Roc, Fleetwood Boss, Jus Marx, Dyme Pyece Da Print, Zinae Brown aka Jan B, The Loudd Pak, Keoina Shantel, Blazell, Maserati and Fie Scoobie, just to name a few.

DJ Tronixx of Levels Nite Club will be showcasing the local talent in the main room, and DJ LX of GrowRadio.org will be spinning his tracks on the outside stage, for your listening pleasure!

$7 covers your entry into the show, and $10 covers your entry and food from the BBQ!

There will be an Open Bar all night, so please remember to drink responsibly!

Being that this is our first showcase, we here at Loudd want to let you know what it means to be part of this Indie Movement.

We want to give our local Artists the opportunity to give their fans a taste of the music they are making. So every few months Loudd Magazine will present ‘Indie-Minded: The Indie-Artist Showcase’. We will bring you to the show, record your performance, and give you your promotional material (for a small $10 registration), the only thing we ask is that you bring your fans!

Show them your passion, your talent, and why you love the art you make!

Let’s give them a show to remember Gainesville!!

Come on out to TheJam:Gainesville, this Saturday August 16, at 12 noon and Support your favorite Indie Artist, or maybe find a new one but as always…Let’s Get LOUDD!!!

Slots are still available!! If you are interested in performing in the showcase contact Loudd Magazine at louddmagazine@gmail.com