Every artist represents its own brand, and must be able to sell it to the public and the music industry. Your brand needs to be represented in a way that will effectively show your brands strengths and marketability. Most artists understand the importance of a press kit; it is your brand, your image, it is you in a package. The key to selling your brand to venues and AR reps is based on the fact that you will make them money. Remember, just making a press kit isn’t enough. In this industry it is hard to break down barriers of entry, anyone can make and submit a press kit. It is how you execute what you have packaged together.  Does your press kit or EPK have that X factor?

There are proper ways of making a press kit, and of course there are also wrong ways. There are many different things that can be added in, and certain techniques that can be used, that will make your press kit shine much brighter than the rest of the pile. Let “LOUDD MAGAZINE” help you market your brand the right way… LOUDD!!!!!!!


Here are the Essential Elements that “LOUDD MAGAZINE”can produce for your Digital Press Kit


1. Bio – First and foremost, have your most current bio available. It would also be a good idea to have a few different versions of your bio, a short bio (1 paragraph), a medium bio (a few paragraphs) and a long bio (4+ paragraphs). This way you’ll have options for whatever needs the media or industry person might have.

2. Images – The next element to have in your digital press kit is a section with images available for download. Make sure some of these are hi-resolution images in case the Media Company or person needs to use the image for print. You should include a few different photos, with vertical and horizontal options, as well as black & white versions. Be sure to also include the image for your most recent album/mix tape cover as well.

3. Music – You will need to have your music available to listen to. You should also make a few tracks available to download and/or embed, and if a media person wants to have a copy of your full album or EP, place clear information on who they can contact to get a copy.

4. Video – Many blogs and online newspapers love to embed videos of the artists they’re covering to make the article more visual and engaging. Embed your best 2-3 videos in your digital press kit to make it easy to find a quality video that best represents your band.

5. Press Articles/Reviews – It wouldn’t be a press kit without some press, so post links to a few of your best reviews and interviews (with LOUDD MAGAZINE of course). Be sure to pull the best quote from each review and include it underneath the link, don’t assume that people will click on each article and read them in full.

6. Contact info – Even though you might have a “Contact” section on your website, include detailed contact info in your digital press kit to have everything in one place. You might also want to put phone # where a media person can reach you if they need to speak to you in a hurry.

“LOUDD MAGAZINE” is ready to SHOUT you or your brand out LOUDD!!!!!!

Contact us for a free Consultation and pricing.



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