LOUDD: What inspired you to make mixed tapes?

KLARC: My inspiration for making mixed tapes is the chemistry and the vibe that brings together a sound that will give the listener a variety of good music. Music has changed and it can be difficult to find music/artists that inspire you. So for me by putting together these mix tapes I can give the listener a preview of what’s out there in this industry.

LOUDD: Ok…with you making mix tapes, you do know that you have that title of producer out here in the streets.

KLARC: I am a DJ/ Record Breaker/ Entrepreneur, but if you listen to my mix tapes you can hear the work that is put into them. My mix tapes have structure that is carefully blended for the listeners. I’m not calling anyone out, but if you listen to some of the mix tapes out there, they can sound like everything is all over the place. I like to give the listener the best experience that can be put into a mix tape, without them fast forwarding or rewinding. I want the listener to be “Ridin High”. So I guess I do classify as a producer..lol.


LOUDD:  “Ridin High VOL 19” is the latest mix tape that is out in the streets, so there are 18 others out there as well. You have to let me know how I can get to the others.

KLARC: Yeah…I can do that for sure. I have done “Ridin High” mix tapes with Rick Ross, Boosie, Plies, B.O.B, Trick Daddy, and also some of the hottest underground Hip Hop artists as well.

LOUDD: What type of sound does “Ridin High VOL 19 have?

KLARC: This has a refreshing sound; it gives the listener the awe effect. I listen to a lot of mix tapes and I get bored quick. I like to keep my listeners on their toes. This mix tape will do just that.

LOUDD Do you feel like this is one of the hottest mix tapes of them all?

KLARC: I think every mix tape that I make is always my best mix tape. Every time I make one, I say to myself “man this is the greatest one of them all”. I actually sit and vibe to all of my work for days in and out before I put my work out in the streets. That’s how I know that I have created master work.


LOUDD: Besides talent, what are the main characteristics that you look for in an underground artist for your mix tapes?

KLARC: I look for an artist that has their campaign ready to go. I don’t like to waste time with artists who don’t know what direction their going in. When I put the artist on a platform I like to know that they will go full force ahead with it, and an artist with direction in their music will do just that. These are the artists that know what their next step will be, they are reaching out to bloggers, putting quality cd’s on the streets, buying posters to put themselves out there, and performing live shows, just grinding hard to get what they are working for. I am not going to put on that rapper that says he/she is the hottest and doesn’t have anything to show for it. I need to see the work. It’s like you buy someone brand new tires for their car and then they don’t drive the car. It’s a waste of time and talent. I want artists that I know that will do something with the product that is produced.

LOUDD: Do you have the underground artist send the song in to you to put on the mix tape, or do you actually work closely with the artist?

KLARC: If you listen to the mix tape there are live drops from artists about working with me on “Ridin High VOL 19”. So it’s not just me taking songs of the internet and placing them on the mix tape. These are songs from artists that I rock with for real, that I am trying to get exposed.

LOUDD Loudd Magazine are true supporters of Underground Indie Artists. Out of all the wonderful and talented underground indie artists that you have worked with on this mix tape, can you just name one of them that you enjoyed working with the most?

KLARC: I enjoyed working with all of the underground artists on this project; all of them are very ambitious. One of them that I am very impressed with is “Miss Chi aka Betty Crocka”. I have been working Miss Chi since 2006. She is an artist that has a voice and she is very serious about her craft. She doesn’t waste time, she gets right to it. If you see her and she is sitting in the room with you, you’ll never know that she could pack such a powerful punch when she goes into the studio. I mean you will be sitting there and look at her and say “Damm, did you just really do that” she is amazing.

LOUDD: Yes she is and she demands your attention when she is on the mic. That is one of the very many qualities that Loudd loves about her too. What is the featured track from “Miss Chi” that is on “Ridin High vol 19”?

KLARC: Her featured song is “Levels” that is also on her latest mix tape, dubbed by DJ Island Boi who is also a “Certified DJ”. This song shows all of her attributes as an artist, and it represents that she is 100% ready to take off.


LOUDD: What’s in the future for the “Ridin High” mix tape saga?

KLARC: I am currently working on a “Ridin High” Album, which is too announced when it is ready, but until then the mix tapes will keep on coming. I got some different artist on the next mix tape that I am working with names like “Flo Rida” and Rocko. I will be putting out an R&B mix tape called “Pink Chocolate” which will drop any minute, a little treat for the ladies.

LOUDD: Where can we find and purchase you’re latest mix tape “Ridin High VOL 19”?

KLARC: You don’t purchase, you can just download it for free on http://mymixtapez.com/ , and the reason for that is, at the end of the day it’s not my music, it belongs to the artists that’s on the mixed tape. The mix tapes that I create, I use them as my business card, and that’s how I introduce myself and the artist to the world, so the public can see us not just me. It’s about supporting our underground indie artist. I am happy that I can make a lane for them to get heard. It’s about love. If you go to http://mymixtapez.com/  and on the downloadable phone app, you can see where we about to touch a million plays, and that creates almost a million fans for these artists.  We are very pleased with the results. I salute all of these artists. They very well deserve all the love.




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