You take an emcee from Indianapolis, Indiana “Chucky WorkClothes” who has been rapping since 2010 establish his own independent record label; his name is well known and making noise the Indiana underground Hip Hop industry. Add in a an emcee from Baton Rouge, Louisiana “Young Bleed” who is a southern Hip Hop  mainstream artist, whose hit single featuring “C-Loc” and “Master P”  “How You Do That” which was release on “Master P’s” 1997 film soundtrack “I’m Bout It” that climbed to the number one spot on the  Billboard R&B/Hip Hop charts. Together these two emcees created a southern Hip Hop concoction “Country Boy Livin” their debut album that dropped this summer.


Country does what country is, and that is what “Chucky WorkClothes” and “Young Bleed” manifests through their lyrics. The 17 tracks on this album include skits that tell you what it means to be country, and then overflows into lyrics and beats that stay consistent with the Hip Hop libretto. This album also creates a lane for every type of Hip Hop Head that is from the country. Other emcees featured on this album are: Joey Souf, KO, MillaBoi, Big Mike, and Philthy Phil. The two southern Hip Hop artists produced this album independently through their own independent labels “Trap Door ENT, Express Life, and Mystic”.  LOUDD MAGAZINE’S picks on this album are “ClockWork and Legendary”


“Chucky WorkClothes” and “Young Bleed” COUNTRY LIVIN TOUR stared this month on the 11th, and they are getting raving reviews.


Chucky WorkClothes Management: Mystic Management PR Films “Mz LaCretia MzPhilthy”


Chucky WorkClothes marketing strategy “LACE and LARAYE”. What a way to market your brand!

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