Talkback Tuesdays: Indie Artists and Self-Promotion

Once upon a time, in a music scene not long ago, there lived an artist with big dreams of becoming an artist that’s known. So he wrote his songs, got a friend to produce his tracks and started performing all around his hometown.

He performed at big venues, and small. Skating rinks and bowling alleys, on school campus and at parks. He opened for different acts, helped out at others artists’ shows. He got to know different producers, DJ’s, artists, and promoters. Everywhere he went in his city, people knew his name, they knew what his passion was, and they knew he was out to make a name for himself.

The day came where he was invited to be an opening act for a known artist coming to town, and he didn’t take it lightly. He rehearsed his act, made sure every technical part of the show was timed and fine tuned to the tee. When the day of the show came, everyone that knew his name was there to support him, and he rocked the house.  After that performance he was invited to perform at more and more shows with each artist being bigger than the next, and wouldn’t you know before he knew it, he was headlining his own shows.

Who is this artist you ask? This artist is no one, or better yet this artist could be you. This could be your future if you allow it to be.

There has been much conversation about whether or not the Indie artist works hard enough to get his name out there. We hear many artists becoming frustrated and branching out to other cities because they feel they cannot make a name for themselves in their own city. The question that comes to mind is, are you working hard enough?

Are you out there making yourself known to your city? Not the people you grew up with who are going to doubt you have what it takes to succeed and won’t come to a show. Are you creating a presence for yourself? Every venue and show that is promoted to you; you should be promoting yourself right back to it.

It seems that many Indie artists forget the key point that everyone starts at the bottom, and there is much work to be done there, if you ever want to rise to the top.

The question for today’s Talkback Tuesday is, what do you think it takes for an Indie artist to become noticed, and is self-promotion a key factor, or is it a hinderance?

Let’s really talk here, and as always, keep it LOUDD!!!


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