Calling all Emcees!!! Calling all Emcees!! 

This week we will launch our First Edition of Freestyle Friday!

Here’s how it will go…We will be collecting any and all freestyle material.

It will be polled throughout the week here on The LOUDD blog, and on Fridays we will pick the Top Three Artists/DJ based on the Poll Results!!

This will be an open poll, so make sure everyone you know comes to the LOUDD Blog and votes for your songs!

The 1st place Artist/DJ will be featured on the LOUDDMagazine Blog as our artist of the week!

Note: This is for all artists that perform, write, or produce any type of music, be it Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Rock, House Music, Country, Neo-Soul, whatever moves you, share it with us!!!

Our First Round of Polling will begin this Saturday July 5th, so start sending in your submissions!!!

Will you make the cut??

Send all submissions to louddmagblog@gmail.com

We want to hear you….Let’s make it LOUDD!!!!

“This message has been approved by LOUDDMagazine”  #LOUDDCertified



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