Hip-Hop Lives

This past weekend Loudd Magazine had the pleasure of listening to a group of up and coming emcees representing the 352. You’ve heard it said that Hip-Hop is dead…we’re here to tell you, it’s alive in well here in The Swamp.

1982 was the venue…

The locally known DJLX (of GrowRadio.Org) let 808’s boom, on these truly amazing artists.

Marx,Teeph Rhetoric, Johnny SaintTellah, Croosh (reppin’ West Palm Beach), Genghis Braun and Dante were all featured artists that night and let us be the ones to say, it was a show to remember.

Starting with a mind-blowing 20 min freestyle, (What?? Yeah you read that right) and a, beat-box freestyle reminiscent of Doug E. Fresh, the show was amazing down to the last cipher which ended the show. The artists who performed that night were a testament and an ode to Hip-hop.
This show proved that true Hip-hop still lives and from the sounds of things here in the 352, it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Take a listen to some of the tracks from that night and let us know what you think!

http://www.mixcloud.com/djlx4life/1982hiphop/ width=660 height=180 /



LOUDD Rating: 9.5 #LOUDDCertified

LOUDD Artists of the Night: Johnny SaintTellah, Dante, Croosh, Marx

Overall Feeling: We live Hip-Hop. It’s not a game, and if you thought it was let me just freestyle 36 bars* so you know it’s real!
(*Actual number of bars is still unknown)


3 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Lives”

  1. Excellent post. It was a wonderful night and people came in droves for their fix of local hip hop. Gainesville really rallied behind us. Thank y’all for that.

  2. This was an awesome story. I’m happy to say I was there that night and I had a awesome time. It was a learning experience for me being that I’m tapping into different genres.

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