“Maintain” A1 Since Day 1



A1 Since Day 1


A1 Since Day 1, is what this artist represents in his life and expresses it on his mix tape that has flowed through the streets this year. Maintain McQueen is a pioneer when it comes to underground Hip Hop in Gainesville,Fl . In this mix tape he delivers his life stories and struggles that will make you think about your own life. His flow is tough and so are his lyrics. Maintain is not your typical street emcee. Not many emcees can change up flows and still keep their original persona intact. His genius goes straight to your head, and you know he is the real thing. Maintain will be dropping a new mix tape soon “ Reality Muzik “  where he has a track with “ Future “ called “Never Change”. He is a part of the 1900 block Ent.Respect Few Fear None, which also has a network of other great underground Hip Hop artists.

Rating on the LOUDD SCALE (1-10): #9

LOUDD Song Picks: I’m on Now and I Fucked up Bad

Overall Feeling / Dropping Straight Knowledge



2 thoughts on ““Maintain” A1 Since Day 1”

  1. Proud of ya, Main!!! feels good to see folks from home make it…and stay true. Congrats! May your future continue to be blessed.

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