Guap X Flight Crew

Guap X Flight Crew
“Just Listen…Vol 2…The Encore”

Guap and the Flight Crew, introduces you to what the good life can be when you are on top of your game. Six songs out of 10, that’s not too shabby coming from these young new artists from Gainesville, Fl that’s making a breakthrough in the underground Hip Hop scene. Guap is the main attraction on this trip, and with the hype from his clique the “Flight Crew “get ready to kick into chill mode. The vibes permeating through this mix tape has a smooth old school Hip Hop Jazz flavor, with 1970’s blaxplortation movie sound bites, that is well blended with today’s images turned into lyrics of a southern ballers dream.   Flight Crew: {Alton Darling aka Sporty Vance , Evan Henderson aka Huve Guerrera, Brandon Middleton aka Prime Diaz, Ba’cari Daniels aka Ferrari Cari, Terrance Mitchell aka Eminence, Chris Burke aka Speed Bugatti.}

Rating on the LOUDD SCALE (1-10): #8

LOUDD Song Picks: Stars and Beach House

Overall Feeling / Get in your ride, pick up your choice of company, light
up loud, and take off with Guap and the Flight Crew.




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